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Vocabulary and Business Success:
The Million-Dollar Vocabulary

It is often said that communication is the key to success in both business and personal relationships. The secret to communicating effectively is having a strong vocabulary. No matter what your position in life is or what your goals are, when you have a rich vocabulary at your disposal, you will be able to succeed more easily in your every endeavor.

Studies have shown that people in positions of success and wealth have better vocabularies. These people arenít just throwing out big words when they speak. They are not only familiar with a multiplicity of words, but they know how to use them to their advantage. A higher vocabulary gives them the benefit of understanding the most prestigious newspapers, magazines, and books, which are often written at a higher level. Their vocabulary also gives them a window into conversations with more influential people who can help usher them into the world of success.

Man Speaking

Even before you begin a career, your vocabulary will affect your success and potential wealth. With a high vocabulary, you can maintain higher grades in school and achieve better scores on exams, which will pave the way for a better college education and a more lucrative career. Thousands of students will apply for the top colleges and most rewarding scholarships. A good vocabulary will keep you a step ahead of the competition, making you stand out when it matters most. Colleges are looking for students who can enhance what is already available on campus, and a superior vocabulary can help you prove that you are the person who can do that.

If you have ever applied for any position of employment, you know how important it is to provide a resume that will catch the eye of a potential employer. Applications and resumes written by someone with a higher vocabulary tend to look far more persuasive and credible than those that arenít. A well-written resume can often get you an interview for a job even when you may not have all of the formal requirements. When you have a good vocabulary, you will be able to project the right image in interviews for even the highest-paying positions available in the corporate world.

Those who can communicate more effectively with a higher vocabulary will be able to advance their careers faster than they ever dreamed. Forming valuable relationships with employers, colleagues, and clients will broaden the range of success you experience in your career. When you are well spoken and articulate, you are far more likely to maintain thriving business relationships in whatever field you choose. A good vocabulary will also enable you to write more comprehensible business reports and evaluations that will be noticed by your superiors and put you on the fast track to a promotion.

If you are looking a life characterized by success and wealth, give yourself a head start by expanding your vocabulary so you can become a more confident and effective communicator.

Copyright: Elizabeth Walling

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