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It Changes People's Life: Testimonial
From Mauritius

My name is Sonia I am responsible for the SEN Department in an International school in Mauritius. I came to know about Audiblox through one of my students. She entered school and had already been diagnosed as being a dyslexic at her previous school. You would never had imagined that she could have been dyslexic if you had not been told as she did not present any symptom of dyslexia.... I asked her about her "secret" and her father replied that he used Audiblox with her everyday for quite a while. He tried many other means to help her overcome her dyslexia before but the only thing that gave good and lasting results was Audiblox.

He lent me his set and I tried it with a group of students aged between 11-16 and I was very amazed to see that their results improved and they were more confident. I also tried Audiblox with one of my student suffering from Asperger's syndrome. He really appreciated it and it helped him to communicate and developed his motor coordination skills.

Now, I am convinced with the it is not only a product it changes people's life... I strongly recommend Audiblox to anyone!

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