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Preschoolers Exposed to Audiblox Become
Top Achievers in School – in Mathematics
and in Reading

Sharonlea Child Care in Sharonlea, Sandton, South Africa, offers a nursery school, Grade 0 and after school care, and offers Audiblox as part of their curriculum. Mrs. Rita Crossman, the principal, wrote:

"We've been using Audiblox since 1999 and the difference it makes even to the below average learner is amazing.

"We use Audiblox for the 2-3 year-old class, starting by teaching them colours and counting, up to the Grade 0 class. Soon the children know left, right, in front, behind and on top very well as this is covered in Spatial Orientation. At a glance they can tell the place value of each block and the colour of the block in eighth, or sixth, or tenth position, et cetera.

"Listening skills are developed as this is practised almost every day. Above all I found the learners are able to memorise poems and songs at an amazing rate as Audiblox stimulates the memory.

"Before entering primary school our Grade 0 class can easily count to one hundred and back in even and uneven numbers, and read 80 words. Sharonlea Child Care is a feeder school for Sharonlea Primary School. This school saw a difference too. In fact, the principal of Sharonlea Primary phoned to personally congratulate us since all the top achievers at Sharonlea Primary in mathematics and in reading are children who attended Sharonlea Child Care.

"Audiblox is fun and the children love the challenge.

"Overall an excellent learning method."

Mrs Rita Crossman
Tel: (011) 462-1810

Doing Audiblox
Kids doing Audiblox at Sharonlea
Child Care
Doing Audiblox
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