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Slower Learner Benefits Tremendously

Testimonial by Mrs. N. van Niekerk, a teacher.

Since he was small Hendri's parents realised that he was slower than his brother, sisters and peers. From the first day at school we gave extra attention to Hendri. He attended several remedial classes as well as other aid programs. These did not yield any results. Then we heard about Audiblox.

The first and most important improvement was Hendri's self-confidence. Through support, encouragement and praise Hendri changed from a quiet, reserved boy to a child with self-confidence and courage. His schoolwork has improved. His reading and spelling has benefited tremendously. His oral work improved due to the gain in self-confidence.

The regular Audiblox program that I followed with him every day taught him discipline and later also self-discipline. At first I had to plead with him to begin, later he unpacked and put everything ready himself and he became very positive.

Audiblox is a cognitive development program, designed to develop concentration, perception, memory, and logical thinking, and to improve performance in reading, spelling, writing and math.

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