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Bizarre Reading and Spelling: A Severe
Form of Dyslexia

Bizarre reading or spelling is a severe form of dyslexia and is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Guesses wildly at words regardless of whether they make sense or not. In her book Overcoming Dyslexia Dr. Beve Hornsby uses the following example to illustrate how some dyslexics guess wildly at words: "Now the children were discussing their new play. 'We need a brave person for the mountain rescue,' explained the boy," was read as "How the children were designing their new play. 'We need a brave man of the mount chishimse,' ixslating the boy."

  • Spells bizarrely, for example substance spelled 'sepedns', last spelled 'lenaka', about spelled 'chehat', may spelled 'mook', did spelled 'don', or to spelled 'anianiwe'. These words bear little, if any, relation to the sounds in the words. See an example of bizarre spelling below (Miles & Miles, Help for Dyslexic Children):

According to Miles and Miles there is good reason to believe that bizarre spelling and directional confusion regularly go together.

For a comprehensive list of dyslexia symptoms, click here.

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