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Where Is Montenegro and What
Is It Known For?


Crnojevíc River, Montenegro.

Montenegro, previously a constituent republic of the former Yugoslavia, became an independent nation in June 2006 when it opted to split from the state union of Serbia and Montenegro. Montenegro separates the much larger Serbia from the Adriatic coast.

To the west, north and east it borders on Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo, and to the south on Albania. Montenegro is a maritime country, with 200 km of the Adriatic coastline. Its capital and largest city is Podgorica.

The landscape is rugged and mountainous and the climate Mediterranean. The rivers are swift with large drops in elevation and large volumes of water resulting from the high precipitation. They are exceptionally clear and unpolluted, suitable for rafting, fishing and other water sports. Some have carved themselves spectacular canyons; those of the Tara, Piva and Moraca are up to 1200 m deep — among the deepest in the world.

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