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Where Is Moldova and What
Is It Known For?


Old fortress in Soroca, situated on the Nistru river, Moldova.

Moldova, officially the Republic of Moldova, lies between Romania and Ukraine in eastern Europe. It consists of hilly steppe land, drained by the Prut and Dniester rivers.

Moldova is a very thickly populated country. The population is cosmopolitan in nature consisting people from various ethnic groups.

Agriculture is the main vocation of the population of Moldova — it contributes about 37 percent of the GDP. Moldova has a well established wine industry. It has a vineyard area of 148,500 hectares (367,000 acres) of which 107,800 hectares (266,000 acres) are used for commercial production. The remaining 40,700 hectares (101,000 acres) are vineyards planted in villages around the houses used to make home-made wine, or "vin de casa". Many families have their own recipes and strands of grapes that have been passed down through the generations. Most of the country's commercial wine production is for export.

The primary religion is Christianity, 90 percent of the population nominally being Eastern Orthodox. The country is home to 36 monasteries, 1034 churches and 7 hermitages.

The hallmark of the Moldavian population is that they boast of a literacy rate of 99.3 percent.

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