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Help for Reading Disorders

Reading disorders is a synonym for the terms “reading disabilities” and “dyslexia,” and is part of a greater category of learning disorders. These terms are frequently used to refer to children — or adults — who seem much brighter than what their reading suggests.

Estimates of learning-disordered students who are reading disordered vary between 70 and 85 percent. Some experts are of the opinion that this percentage is even higher, so much so that labeling a child as learning disordered is understood to include a reading disorder. If one evaluates the importance of reading in the learning situation, this opinion probably comes close to the truth. Reading is regarded as the most important skill that a child must acquire at school, because one must learn to read in order to be able to read to learn. The implication of this is that the child (or adult) who is a poor reader will usually also be a poor learner.

Edublox programs are effective in overcoming reading disorders by addressing the underlying shortcomings that interfere with reading performance.

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