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Overcoming Problems in Reading, Spelling,
and Mathematics

Jacob Markram, now one of Audiblox many success stories, once struggled to read a sentence in even the simplest book.

After consulting countless speech therapists, occupational therapists and having his eyes tested, his parents could still not pinpoint the nature of young Jacob's problem. And a problem it was he was seemingly dyslexic, reversing words when he read, reading very slowly and not comprehending the material. When he had a spelling test every Friday, he would study all week and still score only about 30 percent. With Jacob being in third grade in one of the top schools in the country, his parents were convinced that he would have to be taken out and sent to a specialist school.

As an interim measure, they decided to try the Audiblox program. After only four months there was a remarkable improvement in Jacob's reading and comprehension. To his delight, he was scoring high marks even for unprepared spelling tests. Not only did his reading improve dramatically, but so did his mathematics. So much so that he was awarded the school's mathematics prize.

After eighteen months on Audiblox, Jacob's problem was nonexistent and he could discontinue the program. He now had time to participate in sports a thing that most children with learning problems have to forego because they have to spend so much time on extra study in which he is showing great potential. Despite the many hours that he is spending on the sports field, he is now far from an underachiever, because his report cards display only A's and B's.

Research and studies abound indicating that weak underlying cognitive skills account for the majority of learning and reading difficulties, and that cognitive skills training is the most successful intervention. Edublox programs develop and automatize the underlying cognitive skills of reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and the skills required in the learning of subject matter. Click here for more information.

Stock photo used and name changed.

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