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Learning Styles Test

To test if a person's learning style is preponderantly visual or auditory, one could do the following test with him. The testee must not know the purpose of the test in advance, otherwise he will become too conscious of the associations which he forms.

Read the list of ten words below to the testee. Tell him to write on a piece of paper the first word, preferably noun or verb, which comes to his mind when he hears a word that you call out to him. Here are the ten words:

  1. wall
  2. cake
  3. book
  4. noise
  5. file
  6. river
  7. letter
  8. bird
  9. flag
  10. hat

Then look at the words which the testee wrote. Generally speaking, there are two possibilities: (1.) he may have written words like these:

  1. picture, paper, ceiling
  2. flour, sugar, icing
  3. page, illustration, text
  4. propeller, music, serene
  5. paper, draw, box
  6. water, boat, fishing
  7. envelope, typewriter, stamp
  8. feather, wings, egg
  9. cloth, mast, signal
  10. ribbon, straw, felt

or (2.) he may have written words like these:

  1. hall, ball, value, valet
  2. make, bake
  3. look, hook, bug
  4. poise, choice, moist
  5. pile, mile, fine, fire
  6. liver, ringer
  7. latter, ladder, ledger, lecture
  8. flirt, hurt, birth
  9. bag, drag
  10. bat, chat, flat

Of course these words are only examples, and the variety of words which the testee may have written in response to the words called out to him is almost unlimited. But whatever his response is, a survey of his answer will show whether more words are similar to Group 1 or whether more words are similar to Group 2.

As you see, the examples in Group 1 contain words which somebody with a vivid imagination may see if he thinks of wall, cake, book, and so on. The examples given in Group 2 indicate words which are similar in sound to the words which you called out to him. Therefore, if you check the testee's paper, you must compare the words that you gave him with the words that he wrote down. If you find more words which belong in Group 1, the testee is preponderantly visual; if you find more words which belong in Group 2, he is preponderantly auditory.

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