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Make Learning Happen for Your Child!

Testimonial by a parent

At the end of Grade 1 Ulandi could not read at all. She did not know her sounds and was therefore also unable to spell. Because her friends could do what she could not do, Ulandi completely distanced herself from them.

We started with Audiblox at the end of Grade 1. Now, at the end of Grade 2, she can read anything! Her spelling is also good. Her relationship with her friends has also improved. She even participates in athletics now, which she previously avoided. Ulandi has learned to persevere because Audiblox has taught her that she can succeed.

What Is Audiblox?

Audiblox is a multisensory cognitive enhancement program, aimed at the development of foundational learning skills such as concentration, perception, memory, and logical thought. It improves performance in reading, spelling, writing and math.

Audiblox is adaptable for the gifted and less gifted, can be used at home and in school, and is applicable for all age groups. It can develop the learning skills of the high school learner to a very high degree, while it can also be used to prepare the preschool child for reading and learning from as early as three years of age.

Audiblox is effective for a variety of learning difficulties including dyslexia and dysgraphia. Improvements of as high as 40% in school achievement have already been obtained through the use of Audiblox.

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