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Self-Confidence Improves, Thanks to Audiblox

Testimonial by a parent

Within only a few weeks after starting the Audiblox program with her, I could already notice a difference. She started things with considerably more self-confidence. She also started reading words and phrases on buildings and trucks as we drove past. That was clear indication to me that she was now reading with more confidence than before. She unexpectedly announced one afternoon that she was going to the café on her bicycle. That was a complete surprise, as she would never have done something like that before.

Tanja has now developed into a girl with so much self-confidence that she has become a real little teaser in class. She enjoys teasing other children and likes having fun. She always has a smile on her little face. In addition, she has developed into a real little leader in her group.

She concentrates much better and in general is much more observant than before. She performs better in all school subjects. I am pleased to say that my child's whole being has changed, thanks to the Audiblox program.

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