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Improving Concentration and Other
Learning Skills

Mrs J J van Zyl, a remedial teacher, reports on Roland Howell's progress after doing Audiblox for three months:

Roland [a Grade 3 student] started on the Audiblox programme in August. I had to do all the teaching as he is a termly boarder. He had a real problem with left and right and there was a constant reversal of b and d.

Roland's concentration and memory have improved steadily. From being a boy who wanted to be outside, he is now able to sit for long periods and concentrate. In the beginning he battled to see a pattern and would learn the whole thing block by block, off by heart. Now he is able to separate the pattern into sections.

We have just started working on letters and words. Already, he is handling the letters with greater ease and familiarity. He can now recognise letters like u, n, b, d, p etc. regardless of their position. He no longer reverses b and d. Words are learnt quickly due to his increased ability to concentrate and recall sequences. Roland now recognises some 30 words on sight and can spell most of them. His mother was amazed to see what he could do when she came to fetch him.

It will be interesting to see how he progresses next term as he really gets into words and letters. As yet, there has been little improvement in his reading but his spelling and written work are much improved.

Roland's class teacher wrote:

Teacher's letter
Edublox programs are effective in overcoming dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning difficulties by addressing the underlying shortcomings that interfere with academic performance.
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