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Audiblox Improves Academic Performance,
Principal Says

Commentary by Mr. Peter Nel

Learning failure is a problem faced by most teaching institutions today. One can debate about the causes but the fact remains that the majority of scholars experience this problem at some time or other in their school career. As we all know, concentration, memory and especially reading are essential if learning is to take place.

We were introduced to Audiblox one and a half years ago where we recognized the immense potential of this system.

Our first noticeable success was a pupil who came to our school with a poor academic record whose prognosis was poor. The child was able to concentrate for extremely short periods of time only. In addition, he could not retain information for any period of time. After three months of intensive Audiblox training, a remarkable improvement was noted by all of his teachers. The child passed tests for the first time in his school career and has moved on to the high school where he is coping.

Our group results were just as convincing and not only did the pupils benefit substantially, but they also enjoyed the Audiblox sessions. Teachers noted that pupils who attended these sessions were far better in class than previously. Their attention span had increased, leading to better academic performance.

These results convinced us that each pupil in the school should benefit form Audiblox. All our teachers have received training and are enthusiastically conducting Audiblox sessions.

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