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How to Improve Spelling

Although learning to spell correctly is a difficult task to master for most children, it is especially difficult — and sometimes impossible — if there are underlying shortcomings.

Audiblox offers effective help for children with spelling difficulties, at home and in school, by addressing the underlying shortcomings. It develops and improves foundational spelling skills such as (1.) auditory perception (2.) the ability to analyze, i.e. to perceive the whole in its individual parts, (3.) auditory memory, and (4.) visual memory for sequences.

Mrs. T. Wepener wrote: “Brent is now in sixth grade. He has always had difficulty with his spelling, but as the work became more difficult, his spelling caused him to lose interest in reading and marks because of spelling errors.

“We were introduced to Audiblox and we felt we had to give Brent the opportunity to try to improve his problem. He has now been doing Audiblox for six weeks and not only has it improved his spelling, but it has made Brent more confident in his schoolwork and more interested, which in turn has made it more enjoyable. He will now even try to read an article whereas before he would not.

“Brent himself thoroughly enjoys the Audiblox lessons and definitely feels he has gained a lot. He finds his concentration has improved and also that he is more aware throughout the day.”

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