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Audiblox Improves Reading and Spelling

Testimonial by a parent, Washington State

I just would like people to know how wonderful it is to have something at last that works for the child!

We started Audiblox in June and already in the first 9 weeks of school they have increased over 2 1/2 years. Because their focus is so much better we have less homework and what we have goes quickly. Their spelling has greatly improved and learning new words has become a game, not the dreaded chore it once was. In November the boys both got to call me from their reading class, because Kameron read at 4th grade level at 175 words a minute and answered all the questions correctly. Kennon read at 4th grade level, 166 words a minute, with all the questions answered correctly. So they will get bumped a reading level.

Bentley is 14 years old. He has always been an excellent reader but has had problems with focusing and getting the information from his thoughts down on paper in an orderly manner. There often was not enough time in one evening to get his homework all done, because he couldn't keep on task. Bentley started Audiblox this last summer. He was able to do all his work independently this quarter at school and with very little homework left. Bentley has noticed a great improvement in his balance. This has even helped him in riding horses.

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