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Homeschooling and Dyslexia: Simple Approach
Brings Dramatic Results

Testimonial by a parent, USA

I am a home school mom with an 8 year old son that has dyslexia. Since he is my youngest, I felt confident in teaching him to read. After using three different popular reading curriculums over a four year period, Jacob still could not read. His self-esteem had deteriorated, his attention span had lessoned and he was overwhelmed with any schoolwork. His lack of concentration made it impossible to teach him. His inability to read made it difficult for him to participate in any age appropriate activities i.e. Sunday School Awanas, Scouts, even Summer Camp and his neighborhood friends began to see the difference in him and started to pick on him.

I searched and searched the Internet for help and ran across a message board that spoke of Audiblox and the success they found with the program. I immediately logged onto the site and purchased the program. I was surprised at the low cost of the program and became doubtful of it working for my son. I read the book "The Right to Read" and diligently followed the program laid out in the book, still doubting the simplicity of the program. That was four weeks ago and I can't believe the changes in Jacob. His self-esteem has improved along with his memory recall, concentration and left/right recognition. He is able to read 30 of the word cards fluently and we add to them almost daily. His math skills have improved, now that he "understands the numbers". He is excited about Awanas Club this year and feels that he is finally going to read.

I am looking foreword to the long-term results as we continue to use the program. I still can't believe that such a simple approach is bringing such dramatic results. He has always told me that his schoolwork "didn't fit" and I never understood until I finally found the one that "fit".

THANK YOU Audiblox for helping us.

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