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Helping Children Overcome Learning

Testimonial by an Audiblox Tutor

Enclosed are success stories of three children I had the pleasure to work with:

Gavin, Warren and Kevin
Gavin                     Warren                     Kevin

Gavin started with me in October last year. He was on the verge of failing the year. He pulled his mark up by 15% to pass the year. The teacher wanted to put him on Ritalin and his mother said 'no'. At the end of the third term [a year later] he has come first.

Warren started with me in February this year. When he started his self-esteem was low and he was a nervous child. I can not believe he is the same child. Now he comes bounding in for his lessons, and is so much more confident. He was always in the middle of his class; he has come third at the end of the third term.

Kevin started with me in December last year. He was kept down to repeat Grade 2. His self-esteem was so bashed, but now he is totally a different child. His parents as well as his teachers can not believe the change in this child. He is not afraid to accept a challenge.

I feel these three children need to be recognised for their efforts, as they have all done well in their own. I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to help children that are in great need of help.

Thank you,
Ann M
Audiblox Tutor

What Is Audiblox?

Audiblox is a multisensory cognitive enhancement program, aimed at the development of foundational learning skills such as concentration, perception, memory, and logical thought. It improves performance in reading, spelling, writing and math.

Audiblox is adaptable for the gifted and less gifted, can be used at home and in school, and is applicable for all age groups. It can develop the learning skills of the high school learner to a very high degree, while it can also be used to prepare the preschool child for reading and learning from as early as three years of age.

Audiblox is effective for a variety of learning difficulties including dyslexia and dysgraphia. Improvements of as high as 40% in school achievement have already been obtained through the use of Audiblox.

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