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Compublox Improves Concentration, Perception,
Memory and Logical Thinking

To a great extent, a human being's learning ability determines his quality of life. A student's ability to learn influences his grades, the quality of his education, and the choices he has for a career. The employee's ability to learn has a significant impact on his employment, promotion prospects and overall income or business success. When retirement age arrives, a well-functioning mind can ward off degenerative brain diseases and age-related mental decline.

Research has shown that cognitive skills are a determining factor of an individual's learning ability. Cognitive abilities allow us to process the sensory information we collect. These include our ability to analyze, evaluate, retain information, recall experiences, make comparisons, and determine action.

Many children become frustrated and find schoolwork difficult because they do not have the cognitive skills required to process information properly. Many employees find themselves stuck in dead-end jobs that do not tap into their true vocational potential due to weak cognitive skills.

Although cognitive skills have an innate component, the bulk of cognitive skills are learned. They can be practiced and improved with the right training. Weak cognitive skills can be strengthened, and normal cognitive skills can be enhanced to increase ease and performance in learning.

What is Compublox?

Compublox is a computer program (Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7) containing a series of cognitive exercises, designed to improve concentration, perception (also called processing), memory, and logical thinking, and to build brain "muscle", which leads to mental fitness.

Since the Compublox exercises are automatically adapted to the intellectual level of the user, it is equally suitable for schoolchildren, students, business people, and the retired.

Compublox was developed by Dr. Jan Strydom (MA, HED, DEd), who also developed the well-known Audiblox program for learning disabilities. A completely new and improved Compublox program was released in 2011.

Cognitive Skills Addressed by Compublox

Concentration is the ability to pay attention to one single thought or subject to the exclusion of everything else.

Visual and auditory perception are the processes of recognizing and interpreting information received through the senses of sight and sound. Deficits in visual perception can hinder a person's ability to make sense of information received through the eyes, while deficits in auditory perception interfere with an individual's ability to analyze or make sense of information received through the ears.

Students doing Compublox at a learning center.

A classic example of a deficit in visual perception is the child who confuses letters such as b, d, p and q. Many adults find their reading speed to be inadequate as a result of underlying perceptual deficits.

Memory is probably the most important of all cognitive functions. Short-term memory, or working memory, lasts from a few seconds to a minute or so. When you are trying to recall a telephone number that was heard a few seconds earlier, the name of a person who has just been introduced, or the substance of the remarks just made by a teacher in class, you are calling on short-term memory, or working memory.

A poor short-term memory may lead to difficulties in processing, understanding and organization.

Long-term memory is the ability to store information and later retrieve it, and lasts from a minute or so to weeks or even years. From long-term memory you can recall general information about the world that you learned on previous occasions, memory for specific past experiences, specific rules previously learned, and the like.

Visual memory is a person's ability to remember what he has seen, while auditory memory is a person's ability to remember what he has heard. While visual memory deficiencies are inclined to affect reading and spelling, students with auditory memory deficiencies will often experience difficulty developing a good understanding of words, remembering terms and information that have been presented orally, for example, in history or science classes.

Logical thinking is a learned process in which one uses reasoning consistently to arrive at a conclusion.

Benefits of Compublox

Improving the ability to concentrate allows a person to avoid the problems, embarrassment, and difficulties that occur when the mind wanders. Better concentration makes studying easier and speeds up comprehension. It enables one to take advantage of the social and business opportunities that arise when individuals are fully attuned to the world around them. It helps one to focus on one's goals and achieve them more easily.

By improving accuracy and speed of perception, one is able to absorb and process information accurately and quickly. Reading speed will also improve and reading problems can be overcome.

Short-term memory can be compared to the control tower of a major airport, responsible for scheduling and coordinating all incoming and outgoing flights. By improving one's short-term memory, one is better able to process, understand and organize incoming information.

By improving long-term memory schoolchildren and students are able to store and retrieve information more effectively.

Various researchers have stated that as much as eighty percent of all learning takes place through the eye. Needless to say, improving visual memory will have a tremendous effect on a person's learning ability. The same is true of improving auditory memory.

The ability to think logically allows a person to reject quick and easy answers, such as "I don't know," or "this is too difficult," by empowering him to delve deeper into his thinking processes and understand better the methods used to arrive at a solution. It has been shown that training in logical thinking processes makes a person brighter.

In the later years of life, lack of concentration, the inability to focus, and memory loss are common problems that accompany us. Compublox helps to recapture the ability to process, retain and analyze information.

What Users Say

Compublox is an excellent computer program through which various skills, that are indispensable for the learning process, can be practiced and mastered. I use the program for a young boy whom I homeschool and the improvement in his concentration, as well as his short and long-term memory is astounding! He thoroughly enjoys the program and can scarcely wait to start his daily practice session. He also finds it very interesting and challenging because the level of difficult is continually adjusted in accordance with his progress. I would like to recommend Compublox to any learner. Both strong and weak learners benefit equally because the exercise material is presented in a differentiated way. — Louis Swart, teacher.

Compublox improved my son's attention, memory, and logic skills. I also noticed a leap in his ability to read larger words, which I attributed to the Flashing exercise. However, all the exercises in the program are useful for anyone who wants to improve their brainpower. — Cindy, parent.

My observation of old people over a period of many years has convinced me of the importance of keeping one's mind active and fit. For that reason I do mental exercises every day. Compublox is a very important part of my exercise program. I have no doubt that Compublox will help me to remain clear-headed and retain a reliable and good memory to a ripe old age. — J.S., 64 years.

Jacques (11) is in Grade 5/6 at Anchor Christian Academy. Thanks to Compublox, Jacques' progress is simply phenomenal, attaining an average of 95.47%, despite the standard at Anchor being extremely high. We are so convinced of Compublox helping to improve learning that our younger son Theo (7) is also utilizing the program with excellent results. — Theuns Erasmus, parent.

Sample Exercises

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