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Audiblox Is Amazing, Simple, Brilliant
and Comprehensive

Testimonial by a parent, Northeast Nebraska

I have been using Audiblox with 5 of my 7 children for almost two weeks now. The more familiar I become with the program the better I like it.

This really is an amazing program. It is simple enough to be do-able exercises are straightforward, easily implemented with little advanced training or preparation yet it is brilliant in that I can use it with every age level (pre-K through high school), whether my students are advanced, slow-to-learn, or average (I have all three types of learners), and I can see how we can continue to use Audiblox practically indefinitely as each student is able to do the exercises on a more complex level.

Audiblox is also comprehensive, covering reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, not to mention improving comprehension, concentration, memory, listening skills, etc.

What Is Audiblox?

Audiblox is a multisensory cognitive enhancement program, aimed at the development of foundational learning skills such as concentration, perception, memory, and logical thought. It improves performance in reading, spelling, writing and math.

Audiblox is adaptable for the gifted and less gifted, can be used at home and in school, and is applicable for all age groups. It can develop the learning skills of the high school learner to a very high degree, while it can also be used to prepare the preschool child for reading and learning from as early as three years of age.

Audiblox is effective for a variety of learning difficulties including dyslexia and dysgraphia. Improvements of as high as 40% in school achievement have already been obtained through the use of Audiblox.

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