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Academic Failure

Academic failure is often caused by deficits in foundational learning skills.

A foundational skill is not the same as a process, strategy or technique. The difference between these can be explained by using the game of soccer as example. In order to be a soccer player, a person first has to master the foundational soccer skills, e.g. heading and dribbling the ball. Only after that can he be taught strategies or techniques. The same applies to learning. Before any person can learn, he first has to master the foundational learning skills, for example the ability to concentrate, remember, think logically etc.

Poor reading is another common cause of academic failure. Reading is regarded as the most important skill that a child must acquire at school, because one must learn to read in order to be able to read to learn. The implication of this is that the child (or adult) who is a poor reader will usually also be a poor learner.

Edublox provides cognitive training programs, aimed at the development and enhancement of foundational learning and reading skills. In this way academic failure can be effectively overcome.

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