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Featured Articles

Aging and Brain Maintenance: The Secrets to
Aging Success

Aging may seem unavoidable, but that's not necessarily so when it comes to the brain. So say researchers in the April 27th issue of the Cell Press journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences based on counterintuitive evidence that it is what you do in old age that matters when it comes to maintaining a youthful brain rather than what you did earlier in life. Read more…

Unusual Schools
Although the United Nations classifies education as a human right belonging to every child, around 100 million children around the world face barriers, sometimes seemingly insurmountable ones, that keep them from going to school. Fortunately schools are not limited to rows of desks, stacks of textbooks, and linoleum hallways. They can be caves, boats, or train platforms. Read more…

Cave School in China Closed by Authorities
A school set up in a cave by locals has been closed by Chinese authorities because it paints the nation in a bad light. However, former headmaster Xi Lin Chun described the closure as “a shame”. Read more…

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